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///25th January 2015//

New album HARLEQUINS out 23rd February 2015

1st single WHAT A WASTE out 26th Januay 2015

HARLEQUINS LAUNCH PARTY - 28th February 2015 @ The Betsey Trotwood, London



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///23rd August 2014///

 photo 2014EUROPOSTER-1.jpg 

///28th February 2014///

New Live Video - The Cold of the Night with Sarah McCaig


///10th December 2013///

New Live Video - Pittsburgh It Is


///29th November 2013///

New Live Recording - The Cold Of The Night - duet w/ Sarah McCaig



///14th November 2013///

New Live Video - Billy's Funeral



///29th October 2013///

New Live Recording - Billy's Funeral - duet w/ Sarah McCaig

This is a song about gratitude, as soon as I had the guitar part I knew what the song was going to be about but I wanted to try and make it uplifting rather than morbid.



///17th October 2013/// photo PATRICKSADIERUSSPOSTER2.jpg 


///21st September 2013///




///16th July 2013///



///28th June 2013///





///22nd April 2013///

HEADLINE SHOW - May 9th 2013 - The Joiners, Camberwell



///1st April 2013///

/// NEW HIGH WINDOWS SINGLE - Knives In Our Pockets ///

v v v DOWNLOAD HERE v v v



///28th September 2012///

Next SOLO SHOW: 17th October @ The Star in Bishop Stortford, Herts, CM23



///15th June 2012///

Pittburgh It Is

This song seems to be escaping from any kind of bonds of secrecy by itself so I thought it's probably time to set it free, pre-release, pre-album...The cello is played by the inimitable Anna Scott of Mozzy Green.

This song came about whilst I was travelling in America, on the way from New York to Nashville my Greyhound bus was stopped in Pittsburgh by bad weather around the Appalchian Mountains along with around 10 other buses. So hundreds of us were holed up in Pittsburgh bus station for over 24 hours, for some it was more. The bus station is fairly small and the weather was extremely bad with heavy snow and high winds, it seemed to fit Pittsburgh's bleak industrial landscape and turn it completely magical, at least for this wide-eyed traveller....so me and a few of the other people took a walk in the snow to get out of the crowds and find a bar....



///26th May 2012///

Sam Hallam was released from prison last week after 8 years of wrongful imprisonment, here's a song I wrote about that story a few months ago, I feel now's a good time for it to go out...**free download**...find out more at www.samhallam.com


///23rd March 2012///

All solo activity on hold for now, I have started a new 3 piece band called High Windows...please go to www.highwindows.tv to find out more and get our debut EP...

See you at a High Windows show! x



///7th April 2011///

Official Video for Dreams And Country Lanes - Directed by BLONDE (www.blondefilms.com) and filmed by SAUL x



///February 2011///


Im pleased to say Ive found 2 excellent musicians to work with into 2011: Rory Clarke on drums and Rolfin Nyhus on bass. We’re working good and hard, avoiding the fully primed traps of mediocrity and blind mimicry to start building a powerful and intricate sound around our pick of the songs Ive written. Im loving every minute.

As a result my gigging schedule will be slowing down considerably to rehearse, write and record; we’ll aim to bring you some sounds and events next year.

until then…

R(+R and R)


///28th September 2010///

- - - ON TOUR 2010 - - -


///8th June 2010///

misdemeanour circa 2008



///20th April 2010///

The Jet Black And White showcase gigs are over...thankyou to everyone that came..

I am now on twitter:


see you soon xxx




///11th March 2010///


over the next few weeks/months I will be uploading small batches of recordings from a session at Danny Valentines Dark Room Studio to Soundcloud - these demos will form the basis of my next album...enjoy x

Dark Room Sessions - Song Batch #1 by Russell Joslin 


///1st March 2010///

- - - Jet Black And White Released Today - - -

available on cd and download from the shop page

Please come help us launch the album this Thursday at the 12 BAR CLUB!! (details below)


///17th february 2010///

'Jet Black And White' now avaliable to pre-order on the shop page x

...come down to the LAUNCH PARTY!! - - - - -